Competitive Strengths

  • Specialised manufacturer of injection moulded plastic parts
  • Well-established business relationships with customers
  • Experienced key management
  • Commitment to quality and the environment

Specialised manufacturer of injection moulded plastic parts

  • Takatronics is a specialised manufacturer of injection moulded plastic parts. Employing a flexible manufacturing system, Takatronics is able to produce a wide range of plastic parts from small, lightweight multi-cavity plastic components to [complex, multi-shot heavyweight products] [yes]. The flexible manufacturing system also allows the Company to cater for changes in either the volume of production or the parts being manufactured, thereby improving productivity and reducing machine idle time

  • As part of its value proposition, Takatronics also provides the value-added services during the prototyping stage:
    • Product design assistance including the development and production of the mould to be used in the injection moulding process including validation on mould design and injection moulding process, assembly and packaging
    • Advise on the selection of materials for the plastic parts
  • The value-added service differentiates Takatronics by enabling it to take a proactive role at the early stages of its customers’ product design and development cycles, in particular for new product lines. Such early involvement enables Takatronics to better understand its customers’ needs and to provide practical, innovative solutions to the customers with a view to minimising costs and improving the functionality and quality of their products

Experienced key management

  • Takatronics is headed by its co-founder and Executive Director, Mr Lai Weng Pew, who has around 15 years experience in the plastic injection industry.  The company is also backed by a strong management team with varied  experience in the injection moulding industry

Commitment to quality and the environment

  • Takatronics is committed to  continually improving the effectiveness of its quality management system in accordance with industry best practices. In 2016, Takatronics obtained the ISO 9001 : 2015 certification which provides assurance to its customers on the company’s intent for continual improvement, defects prevention and reduction of variation and waste.
  • Takatronics is considering to apply for ISO 14001 for environmental responsibilities as a plastic components manufacturer.

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